Casa Atardecer (Sunset House) in Punta Islita

Punta Islita is a nice beach located in Guanacaste Costa Rica, not too far from Camaronal Beach, this house in an alternative to the hotel experience in Punta Islita.  Here a few photos of camaronal beach taken from Casa Atardecer web site ( check out out and leave a comment with your opinion.

Casa Atardecer Pool View

View from Casa Atardecer pool

Punta Islita Casa Atardecer Pool and Rancho

Pool and Rancho of Casa Atardecer in Punta Islita

Family surf session at Camaronal Beach

Happy family about to enjoy some surf in Camaronal beach.

Camaronal Beach World Class Surfing Waves

Not far from Punta Islita you will find world class surf waves at Playa Camaronal Beach

Surfer at Playa Camaronal Beach

A surfer gets a nice wave at playa Camaronal Beach

Surfer at playa camaronal beach[5]

Another great wave and another happy surfer at playa Camaronal Beach, Costa Rica.

Camaronal Beach Surf wave

Another nice photo of camaronal beach.

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Pura Vida,

Surfing Camaronal.

Camaronal Beach, Ocean View Lot

Camaronal is a beautiful beach with many mountains surrounding the area, which makes it a perfect for ocean view lots.


How to get to Camaronal Beach, Guancaste

One way to get there is to use the local and traditional way of transportation, take some horses and ride them from Samara.


Just remember getting there by car might not be as fun and memorable.

Camaronal beach sunset

Beautiful picture of sunset at Camaronal Beach, in Guanacaste


Camaronal beach for you.


Its not very often that you see Camaronal with little waves.


That’s more like it, usually at Camaronal, the waves are always pumping.

Annual Camaronal Surf Contest 2012

The surf contest “Torneo Annual Camaronal” was hot this year with good surfers, good waves and good weather, I manage to get some pictures from Nosara Shack to showcase what happened at the event this year.










Link to the Nosara Shack album of the Annual Camaronal Surf Contest 2012 is here, thanks a lot Nosara shack.

To find out more about Playa Camaronal Beach visit: Viva La Reserva.

Nice view of Playa Camaronal Beach in Guanacaste - Costa Rica

Browsing around online I found a beautiful shot overlooking playa Camaronal beach, the pictures was taking from the hill looking south down the beach.

Camaronal Beach View

Beautiful blue sky, lush green forest, nice clean sand and blue ocean with nice and rolling gentle waves, what else can you ask for?

Camaronal Beach Views

Camaronal beach (Playa Camaronal – in Spanish) is well known for its world class surfing, natural beauty and turtles, but very few know it also has amazing views off the hills surrounded Camaronal Beach in Guanacaste – Costa Rica, which makes this spot a prime time opportunity when it comes to real estate development.

We manage to get a hold of some photos of famous surfer Ben Bourgeois when he was on a Costa Rican Style Surf trip and also shopping for some land off the hills of Camaronal Beach. Apparently he and his cousin wan to open up a Surf Resort in Camaronal Beach.

Yep I can see the surf from this spot, and I like that wave over there too.


I can get used to this view for sure, waking up every morning to a cup of fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee and checking out the waves from this spot.


From this view you can see the area close to the beach is also getting ready for more development of some kind.


The view to the main “strip” which gives access to the beach.


Not a bad view from this lot.


Look at those waves, right peelers perfect for morning surf.


And this other shot in the “green season”


For more information check out La Reservea in Camaronal Beach – Costa Rica.

What is your favorite memory of Camaronal Beach? leave your comments below.