Nothing like a nice view of Camaronal beach.

Many people visit Samara beach and of course the always beautiful (and sometimes crowded) Carrillo beach, but “close” to these popular Costa Rican beaches there is  beautiful gem hidden and somewhat mysterious Camaronal beach, which is home to many baby turtles every year and has some of the most amazing surf someone can find in the area. Yet Camaronal has maintained it’s charm and pristine nature thanks to the small amount of population nearby and the and the relatively “bad” road that is used to get to this beach.

If you are ever in the Samara area, I highly recommend visiting this beach, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy it, any person with appreciation for nature and adventure will find this a very pleasant beach with amazing beauty that is not spoiled by developments nearby.


I snapped this picture while exploring around the mountains nearby Camaronal.

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