Beautiful Camaronal Beach

There is no secret that Camaronal beach in the northern pacific coast of Costa Rica is one of Guanacaste’s best kept secrets, this place is amazing in so many ways, it is not only off the beaten path, it has the natural beauty of all virgin/natural tropical dry forest which is very characteristic in the region of Guanacaste.

This place is where many turtles comes to lay their eggs every year, and many surfers come to enjoy the perfect and powerful waves Camaronal has to offer.

Every time I visit Camaronal it feels like a Costa Rica Style adventure adventure, because of the river crossings and the secluded nature of the place, there is not really a “town” nearby and the usually secluded beach makes for a beach walk very relaxing, the closest town to Camaronal is the town of Samara beach.

When visiting Camaronal beach make sure you have a descent 4x4 vehicle because you probably will end up crossing a few rivers on the way, such as the Rio Ora, which is actually not bad during the summer months, however if you go in the winter months you might want to pack a lifesaver because this river can get very big and deep.


As you turn right off the “main” road and head to the Camaronal Beach you will see this small road that opens up the sky to peek a view of what’s coming ahead.


Then you get to the Area the Conservacion Tempisque – Refugio Nacional de vida silvestre Camaronal, or also known in English as The Camaronal Wildlife Refuge - Tempisque Conservation Area. Which is where a few volunteers help protect sea turtles nesting sites for Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles


Once a few steps down to the beach you can see plenty of beach, this shot is looking south


Another shot down the beach looking south.


This particular shot clearly shows the natural beauty of the place.


Another view of the beach at sunset, this shot is looking north.Camaronal_Beach_02

Have you visited Camaronal beach and Wildlife Refuge before? what is your favorite thing or memory about Camaronal? Please leave your comments below, thanks.

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